Research Interests

people, places, & tech.  social, spatial, & racial.

Generally, my research interests are communication-centered solutions and approaches to urban planning and public policy, with an emphasis on issues of digital inclusion/inequalities, race & ethnicity, and power.  I am particularly interested in issues of data ethics & equity, leveraging ICTs for sociocultural change. 

My work is generally interdisciplinary, drawing on communication studies, sociology, geography, and information science, among other fields. I use a variety of methods to answer my RQs, including: computational modeling, machine learning, sociospatial regressions, geospatial mapping, "traditional" statistics, critical cartography, document/media analysis, interviews, and focus groups.

CURRENT Projects

Manuscripts in progress

#1: Bui, M.N. (in preparation). Yelp and hipster coffee shops in Los Angeles: The mediation of neighborhood change (tentative title). See the "Keep Your Pourovers" Story Map and this interactive map for more info about the larger project.


#2: Bui, M.N. (in preparation). Internet adoption and neighborhood effects: Applying place-based conceptualizations of inequality to examining inequalities in Internet access (tentative title).

See the Connected Cities and Inclusive Growth page for more info about the larger project.


#3; Moran, R.E., & Bui, M.N.* (in preparation). Race, ethnicity, and communications policy advocacy: Centering communities of color and their concerns in Internet issues (tentative title).


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