Research Interests

key interests: digital inclusion // urban communities // race & ethnicity

Generally, my research interests are communication-centered solutions and approaches to urban planning and public policy, with an emphasis on issues of digital inclusion/inequalities, race & ethnicity, and power. 

Put another way, I am greatly interested in the potential for, and obstacles to, social, cultural, and political change through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as tools for intervention, as well as the digital policies that govern their use/non-use. I am particularly interested in issues pertaining to inclusion, diversity, and empowerment within (globalized/trans-national) urban communities; social networks, social capital, and network effects; and how national and international digital policies and initiatives can be engaged to build "inclusive" cities.  

My secondary (related) stream of research is how to facilitate inclusive university environments (again, using communication-centered approaches), particularly in relation to issues of race, class, and gender.  

I am a huge proponent of (rigorous) multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and mixed-methods research.

Conference Papers (Refereed)


Bui, M.N. (forthcoming, 2017, May). For the Future of Digital Inclusion: Exploring Inter- and Intra-City Digital Divides. Paper presented to the International Communication Association, Communication and Technology (CAT) Division, San Diego, CA, USA.

Zhang, C., & Bui, M.N.* (forthcoming, 2017, April). Who is "Nextdoor": Exploring Community Differences in Digital Neighborhood-Based Social Networks. Poster presented to the University of Southern California Annenberg Graduate Research Symposium, Los Angeles, CA.


Bui, M.N.*, Sidnam, E., & Helsper, E.J. (2016, June). Why theory matters: Making the case for collaboration between academics and policymakers in the future of Internet policy. Paper presented to the International Communication Association (ICA) Pre-conference “Communication, power, and Internet governance,” Fukuoka, Japan.

Bui, M.N. (2016, April). When sports meet politics: The centrality of college athletes in Mizzou connective action. Paper presented to the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) Conference, Newport Beach, CA.

Bui, M.N. (2012, May). Digital Media Communication in Conflict Resolution among College Students. Paper presented to the UCLA Aleph Research Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Bui, M.N. (2012, April). Digital Media Communication in Conflict Resolution among College Students. Paper presented to the Stanford Undergraduate Research Conference, Palo Alto, CA.


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