research interests

Broadly construed, I study the intersections of digital, social, and urban inclusion. I am particularly am interested in the social and cultural implications of Internet inequalities and web applications, as they pertain to issues of race, urban planning, and public policy.

More recently, my research has turned to the use of data science and GIS techniques to examine the problems, politics, and potential of Smart City interventions and big data applications for addressing urban mobility issues, paying particular attention to the everyday experiences of low-income communities of color.

In all I do, I attempt to integrate rigorous scholarship with actionable outcomes, for the social good.



ARtisanal Coffee & gentrification.

#1: Bui, M.N. (in preparation). Yelp and hipster coffee shops in Los Angeles: The mediation of neighborhood change (tentative title).


Visit the "Keep Your Pourovers" Story Map and interactive map for more info about the project.

Mapping the "digital divides" of Los Angeles County.

#2: Bui, M.N. (in preparation). Internet adoption and neighborhood effects: Applying place-based conceptualizations of inequality to examining inequalities in Internet access (tentative title).


See the Connected Cities and Inclusive Growth page for more info about the project.

Race & Communication Policy Advocacy.

#3; Moran, R.E., & Bui, M.N.* (in preparation). Race, ethnicity, and communications policy advocacy: Centering communities of color and their concerns in Internet issues (tentative title).